My paintings are temporal narratives that capture and create a moment. They draw from, build upon and illustrate subjects and ideas of our cultural history. For me the subject must refer to something over and beyond its manifest self; the poignancy of headlights under the storm; the details and flesh of our inner emotions; our imagined selves. I use the figure to convey the emptiness of a night, the blue solitude of being submerged.

Growing up in Costa Rica the 80 degree ocean felt like an extension of my body. Living in Montana I have turned my gaze to the skies. The storm clouds that roll across the valley are powerful, orchestral and intangible. They build above our oblivious lives reminding me of our relationship to mother nature as she diminishes our scale and makes us insignificant.

I use a combination of photographs, sketches and my inner eye to work out the composition. I first build up the physical presence of the image with strong blocks of color and tonal elements, making each shape pleasing to the eye and cohesive with the whole. I then develop the movement of the image, fleshing out the details. Finally the color tones and surface are enhanced with semi transparent glazes, until the painting is almost surreal or hyper real. The paintings are oil on canvas.